Fishing Report Gympie Region January 2022

Fishing Report Gympie Region January 2022

Wow the Dams are full.......
While the water has been dirty there has been good catches of Bass in BP, Boondooma and Borumba Dams.

I my self went to BP Dam camping and manged to get over 40 in one session. Look for wind blown points and fish the edge. as shallow as 5ft of water. 

Best way we found was rolling soft plastics (Atomic Plazos and the Zman Baby Goats) close to the bottom using 1/4 oz 3/0h tt jig head. Other had great luck using Dark coloured chatter baits as well. 


Boondooma Dam: How big is that now. Went on Sunday the 16th just to have a look. Even though we just went for a look we managed to get a few rats using a dark coloured Smako Spinner Bait and a Eco Gear ZX lure.


Borumba Dam: Customers camping up there have reported great catches of Bass fishing the edges using Lipless Crank Baits and Spinner Baits. 

With the rain Hopefully settling down the fishing this year should be awesome.

The Boondooma family fishing comp is just around the corner so we hope to see you there. Should be an awesome weekend

Dan Gympie Gold